Ad Targeting Audiences

Ad targeting audiences on millions of websites, apps and games.

Serve your ads to thousands or millions of users almost anywhere in the world. Target audiences with programmatic tools with absolute control.

Find the right audience for web, games and mobile advertising with instant analytics and data. Get access to robust programmatic tools and start advertising like a martech expert.

We understand that marketers need to overcome challenges related to efficiently collecting, storing and accessing data at scale to gain a complete picture of a consumer and the likelihood he or she will engage with a particular ad, to solve this challenge, we’ve integrated  our web banner ads to automatically collect up to 1,000 streams per ad click,  so that you can get a sophisticated grasp on how your audience is reacting to your marketing strategy. 
ad targeting
Ad targeting with full control.
Get programmatic control on your campaigns to ensure the right ad is served to the right user at the right time. With access to a $120 Billion mobile app user marketplace you may want to automate things!
Programmatic tools with full control
Get access to audiences using programmatic technology. It’s simply faster, more efficient and less expensive.
Get granular control for every campaign and get 100% control with a huge range of parameters for hyper-targeting.
audience refinement
audience location
Location based marketing.
Target audiences with mobile ads based on their physical location for personlised experiences that are specific to your marketing strategy.
Create campaigns using specific ‘geo-location’ options to display ads based on Country, State, Region, City, Town, Post-code or IP.

Reporting & Analytics.
Track every campaign with our integrated real-time detailed analytics for nimble customization and control. Fine tune audiences with ease and speed to maximize campaign goals and spending.
audience reporting
audience transparency
Spend as much or as little on your campaigns at anytime. *Minimum spend is US$50 per campaign.
Reach audiences on mobile ads
Mobile phones are essential tools in our daily lives, This is powerful news for marketers as audiences are more engaged and can be better targeted by apps or games they use.

According to IAB “Mobile devices now make up 69.6% of internet advertising revenue share” and “$7 out of $10 ad revenue is derived form mobile device” – Read IAB’s 2020 report.
audience reporting
4 advantages of using programmatic advertising.

Using software to buy digital advertising, put simply, automates the process of ad buying. This gives you accurate optimisation and tremendous choice to accurately target and measure ad performance against audiences and KPI’s.  

Reach billions globally
Programmatic advertising reaches billions of users daily, It’s that simple.

Our web banner ads can automatically run on websites, inside mobile apps and in mobile games. This effectively means you are no longer constrained to  limited publishers or walled-gardens. 
The flexibility offered by programmatic means you can target ads based on very specific criteria, so that ads will ONLY be served to users then, saving you on wasted ad costs. 

Segment audiences
With over 1,000 programmatic audience options / parameters  available from within our platform you have the flexibility to test, refine, exclude and uncover audiences that are more likely to convert. 

Each campaign that you create is integrated to your audience and web banner ads so that you can easily track and analyse data using the interactive dashboards. This makes it effective for reviewing campaigns against audiences to uncover the best ROI.

Geo location marketing
Ulittle programmatic audiences also includes options to target audiences based on their geo-location (physical position). 

You can target users with great accuracy using multiple parameters that include/exclude geo-location targeting by:
– Country
– Area 
– City
– Post code / ZIP code
– IP address.

Low cost & speed-to-market
Because our web banner ads can run on websites, mobile apps and mobile games, It means you can build a single ad and launch across a huge digital landscape without extra technical or publishers costs, saving you time and money.
This unique advantage reduces time friction to almost zero,  Enabling you to respond to opportunities with great speed-to-market. 
Once ads are in the system you can turn ad spend on or off to suit your advertising strategy. 

Harness the power of ad targeting audiences using programmatic.

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