The purpose of these HTML5 ads is to gather data for evaluating marketing performance on the ulittle.com platform.

The data is collected and processed through keen.io, enabling real-time access to analytics and data exploration. To achieve this, the ads need to communicate with keen.io using JavaScript.


This example shows the level of data collection required from the ads.

The values for ‘attribution‘,  ‘ad‘  and ‘campaign‘ are hardcode into the ads using the javascript function. The remaining parameters are all automatically collected through the keen.io implementation.

In the previous campaign that was executed via stackAdapt.com, the ad campaign effectively collected data in keen.io. However, there was an issue where the ‘page_url‘ did not capture the actual webpage URL where the ad was loaded. Instead, the ad server’s URL was recorded.

Example of data collected from ads.

  "attribution": {
    "connector": "tkr01",
    "model": "first",
    "weight": 1
  "ad": {
    "ref": "2953cf69",
    "id": "72"
  "campaign": {
    "medium": "banner",
    "placement": "prog001",
    "campaign": "ULT-1825678272",
    "keyword": "easy-ad-marketing",
    "content": "2953cf69",
    "source": "dsp.01",
    "audience": "aus001"
  "parsed_page_url": {
    "path": "/development/html-ads/",
    "domain": "ulittle.com",
    "protocol": "https",
    "anchor": null
  "keen": {
    "timestamp": "2023-08-10T03:14:56.302Z",
    "created_at": "2023-08-10T03:14:56.302Z",
    "id": "64d45630906cd3000169d7e1"
  "ip_geo_info": {
    "province": "Queensland",
    "city": "Brisbane",
    "country": "Australia",
    "coordinates": [
    "postal_code": "4000",
    "country_code": "AU",
    "continent": "Oceania"
  "ip_address": "",
  "page_url": "https://ulittle.com/development/html-ads/"

Standard Tag

This is the 3rd Party ad tag from Adserver.Online
The Destination URL is managed at the Adserver.Online server.

Required assets:

Destination URL:
Ad tag:
					<!-- Ulittle's Ad Server / Banner / 300x250 / Medium Rectangle --><ins class="aso-zone" data-zone="103505"></ins><script data-cfasync="false" async src="https://media.aso1.net/js/code.min.js"></script><!-- /Ulittle's Ad Server -->