Online Marketing Platform Features

4 powerful modules into 1.
Create, measure and report marketing performance with accuracy.

Wether you’re big or small, we’ve got the tools to help you power and boost your online marketing performance.

Designed for the individual. Scaled for collaboration. 
Create, manage, analyse and boost your online marketing performance

It’s 2021, adapting to digital marketing has never been more critical, luckily we’ve got a robust platform ready for anybody ready to take advantage powerful digital marketing and data analytics.
Get 4 powerful modules in 1 easy-to-use online marketing platform
Contact us and see how easy our platform is. Wether you’re big or small we’ve got a platform ready to scale.
We’re in Melbourne, Australia.
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Ad Builder 
Create animated web banner ads
Create web banners ads without any code that convert, capture & measure data.
Target audiences
Serve your ads to thousands or millions of users almost anywhere in the world. Target audiences with programmatic tools with absolute control.
Capture data from ads and other sources
Collect first-party data from ads and other touch-points for instant analysis or data exploration.
Data Explorer
Analyse and explore data
Query your data to find answers, insights, and metrics through an easy to use Data-Explorer, without writing any code.

The Ad Builder

Build, preview and share your animated ads instantly.
No extra fee or any hidden cost
HTML5 Rich-media ad builder
No coding required
Animated templates – AIB Standard
Over 200+ fonts
Import images
Image builder / Image editor
Save ads & assets
Preview & share ads
Download ad as zip file

Programmatic audience buying

Build, preview and share your animated ads instantly.
Ad spend is not included in the monthly platform cost.
Access to the World’s Largest Mobile Audience Network
Display ads on websites or mobile apps
Self-serve panel for programmatic buying and bidding
Full transparency on spending
Curated publishers for brand safety
Target audiences with Geo-Location
Access audiences globally
Target audiences by post-code, IP, Devices, Time, Interest and much more!

Analytics Dashboards

Access your data with full control.
Track ad performance in real-time
Over 15 analytics views
Easy to use with point and click
Track other channels
Interactive map for Geo-location
Filter views by date, time or campaign

Data Collection

Understand your customers with precision.
Collect event data from ads
Capture up to 1,000 ‘stream’ events per ad
Self-serve panel for programmatic buying and bidding
Collect data from multiple sources
Add rich attributes during collection
POST from anywhere in your stack.
Choose over 15 SDKs from JavaScript to Go.
Data is totally secure through transfer through HTTPS and TLS, then stored with multi-layer AES encryption.

Data Explorer for Analytics

Guide your visitors through your funnel by visually building conversion journeys on your website
Realtime data analysis dashboard
Query your data without any code.
Save queries
Share queries using HTML
Share queries using API link
Share queries into google sheets
Download query results as CSV or JSON
For large teams.

Extra Add-on features

Wether you’re big or small we get you covered.

Custom Built animated templates
Talk to us about your specific requirements and get custom-made templates exclusive to you. Combine limitless options such as design, animation, interactivity and analytics.
Managed ad buying with ‘zero’ commission.
Many advertising options are available through our self-service portal, however there is no need for you to manage all this alone, Simply reach out to us to help you.
White label / Branded Dashboards
Allow your client/s to securely access their analytics dashboards and data explorer with your branded logo. 
Create and manage users from within our platform with ease.
Multiple accounts & permissions
With an administrator account simply create and manage multiple user accounts and allow access to your portal modules with a simple on/off option.
Stream data to Amazon S3.
Stream inbound event data into your designated S3 bucket. Some of the benefits are: Affordable way to backup data, Routing events to third parties, SQL-based analysis.

Harness the power of modern marketing with a unique digital marketing and data analytics platform.

Talk to us about a 1 on 1 virtual presentation.
Suite 15 / Level 4 
80 Market Street, South Melbourne
VIC 3205 Australia.
tel: +61 3 865 81516
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