Do you want
the digital advantage?

All the tools you need in one easy-use platform.

One Platform. A complete set of tools.

Ad Builder

  • HTML5 Rich-media ad builder
  • No coding required
  • Animated templates - AIB Standard
  • Import images
  • Over 200+ fonts
  • Stock photography access
  • Image builder / Image editor
  • Save ads & assets
  • Share ads with shortlink
  • Download ad as zip

Programmatic Buying

  • Access to the World's Largest Mobile Audience Network
  • Display ads on websites or mobile apps
  • Self serve options for targeting
  • & frequency capping
  • Self serve programmatic bidding
  • Full transparency on spending
  • Curated publishers for brand safety
  • Target potential consumers based on:
  • Apps they use
  • Types of devices they own
  • Specific GPS location
  • Country, state, city or postcode
  • Industry, publisher, day, time and more!

Analytics Dashboards

  • Track ad performance in real-time
  • Over 15 analytics views
  • Easy to use with point and click
  • Track other channels
  • Map for Geo-location tracking
  • Filter views by date, time or campaign
  • Easy implementation and testing

Data Collection

  • Collect event data from ads
  • Capture up to 1,000 'stream' events per ad
  • Collect data from multiple sources
  • Add rich attributes during collection
  • POST from anywhere in your stack with over 15 SDKs from JavaScript to Go
  • Data is totally secure through transfer through HTTPS and TLS, then stored with multi-layer AES encryption.

Data Explorer for Analysis

  • Realtime data analysis dashboard
  • Query your data to find answers, insights,
  • and metrics
  • Save queries
  • Share queries using embedded HTML
  • Download query results as CSV or JSON
  • Realtime query API link

Everything above comes packed in every plan.

If you're a small team or an agency our tools can scale.

Extra add-on features

Wether you're big or small business we got you covered.

Custom built animated templates.

Talk to us about your specific requirements and get custom-made templates exclusive to you. Combine limitless options such as design, animation, interactivity and analytics.

Managed ad buying with 'zero' commission.

Many advertising options are available through our self-service portal, however there is no need for you to manage all this alone, Simply reach out to us to help you.

White label / Branded dashboards.

Allow your client/s to securely access their analytics dashboards and data explorer with your branded logo. Create and manage users from within our platform with ease.

Multiple accounts & permissions

With an administrator account simply create and manage multiple user accounts and allow access to your portal modules with a simple on/off option.

Stream data to S3.

Stream inbound event data into your designated S3 bucket. Some of the benefits are: Affordable way to backup data, Routing events to third parties, SQL-based analysis.