Animated Ads & Data Analytics for Online Business Marketing.

Easy to use animated ads platform with inbuilt measurement and analytics for your online business.
ad marketing platform
Built for marketers & online businesses
Power your digital marketing strategy with an all-in-one integrated ad creator and data analysis platform.
The ULITTLE platform allows marketers to create animated ads with no coding, target audiences through programmatic advertising, collect data and analyse performance with powerful interactive dashboards.
Create Animated Ads
Design effective pages quickly that capture the attention of your customers.
Audience Targeting
Design effective pages quickly that capture the attention of your customers.
Collect Data
Design effective pages quickly that capture the attention of your customers.
Data Analysis and Exploration
Design effective pages quickly that capture the attention of your customers.
animated ads

Get access to display advertising with programmatic tools for accurate audience targeting.

5m sites
Advertise across 5 million websites globally.
1.2m apps
Advertise across 1 million apps and games.
Track up to 1,000 values on a single ad click!
Capture, explore, analyse from 1k or 100k data records
Run sophisticated digital marketing campaigns in-house.

With this much technology competitors will be wondering how you continue to beat them.

Big or small online business? it doesn’t matter, our platform gives you a complete 360° view for what works and what doesn’t for your online business.
Easy to use, Simple.
Create and measure your digital ad marketing in-house and without the complexity associated.
Runs on the cloud
Because it’s on the cloud you don’t need any other installation or configurations.
Collaborate with others
We’ve made it easier to share and review all your ads, analytics and dashboards.
Advertise on mobile apps
Take advantage of the growing market offered by audiences on mobile devices.
Advertise on mobile games
Target your ads to very specific audiences on sophisticated and popular games.
Global audiences
Our programmatic tools allow you to target audiences with precision anywhere in the world.
Geo-Location targeting
Reduce waste and engage with audiences by targeting to specific  locations that are relevant.
E-commerce attribution
Find out what ads are best driving traffic to your products or pages.
Track from multiple sources
Feed data in to your analytics from almost any digital channel, eg: email, websites, shopping carts, forms, subscriptions, etc.
Build and own your own data
Get a complete view of your digital strategies with data you get to keep.
Feedback without assumptions
Run complex queries withe ease, and find out exactly what is working.
Manage with transparency
Your ad spending and data is 100% transparent. No hidden costs.
ulittle platform screens
All the features necessary in one platform for digital advertising campaigns.
Advertise with powerful tools anybody can use.
A platform built for future ‘martech’ experts

One easy-to-use set of tools, carefully integrated to achieve first-class digital marketing strategies.

For brands or agencies, big or small.
Ad Builder

Create eye-catching ads without any code.

Enhance your brand / product with animated ads that stand out. The Ulittle Ad-Builder is so simple to use anybody can design, build, test, & share ads in minutes.

Target specific and relevant audiences only.

Manage your audiences with programmatic advertising. Target audiences by publishers, ip-address, technology, device, industry, country, city, state, post-code, day, hour, etc!
Fast Accurate Measurement

Fast marketing measurement with powerful easy-to-use dashboards.

Get instant feedback from ads and multiple channels to manage your marketing strategy without delay. Share analytics data and charts with teams or clients.
Attribution Measurement

Run tests for visibility and increase your online business performance.

Effortlessly track for accurate attribution on what works and what doesn’t for your products in real-time.

Get a free 1 on 1 virtual presentation to see how the Ulittle platform can help you.

Wether you’re a big or small online business we’ve built a robust platform ready to scale according to your needs. 

Simply reach out and see how fast and easy marketing measurement and analytics can be. 

What you’ll see in action.
Create animated ads
Realtime geo-location clicks
Programmatic audience tools
Query & filter  data
Analytics dashboards
Data export, sharing plus more…
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