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Every plan comes with the features listed here.
All plans are minimum 3 months.


per month

1 User

8 Ads

2 Campaigns

Custom Templates

Multi-user Access & Permimssion

White-Label Dashboards

*Stream data to Amazon S3


per month

5 Users

20 Ads

4 Campaigns

1 Custom Template

Multi-user Access & Permission

White-Label Dashboards

*Stream data to Amazon S3


per month

10 Users

40 Ads

10 Campaigns

2 Custom Templates

Multi-user Access & Permission

White-Label Dashboards

*Stream data to Amazon S3

* Additional cost required for: Data stream to Amazon S3

How long are the contracts? Can I change plans at any time?
The contracts are Monthly with a minimum 3 month signup, You can always upgrade your plans regardless of the tenure. Monthly plans are more flexible because you can downgrade your plan to reflect in the next billing cycle, If you have any questions please contact us.

When can I book a FREE demo for the Ulittle Platform?
Our team works 24/5. You can book a demo any time round the clock. Click here to Book a FREE Demo now!

What is Stream data to Amazon S3?
When you activate this integration, we will stream your full-resolution, enriched event data to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), in your Amazon account.

Do I get a benefit while subscribing to an annual plan?
Absolutely! Contact us to discuss what best works for you.

How does your refund policy work?
The Service is billed in advance on a monthly basis & is non-refundable, including for prepaid monthly/quarterly/half yearly/annual fees. If you choose an automatic recurring payment & later decide to end your subscription, canceling the payment is your responsibility. ULITTLE does not refund automatic payments not cancelled in time.

What happens to my data after my plan ends?
After your plan ends, Your data will be deleted. To avoid losing any data you must stream to Amazon S3 (requires additional cost).

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