Marketing Analytics

Marketing measurement with ease-to-use dashboards

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Marketing analytics
Point & Click

Explore complex data queries in seconds.

Get insights into data with powerful dashboards anybody can use. It’s that simple. Use our purpose built dashboards or create and save queries with the data explorer.

One location

Single source of truth

All your data is stored in one location. It’s all yours, and ready for exploration without any complex processing or cleaning.

View, Explore, Share, Download or collaborate seamlessly with easy to use dashboards.


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Integrated data streams

Powerful marketing measurement

The Ulittle Platform automatically integrates all your ads and audiences so that you can easily track and analyse your marketing performance.

Enhance data collection with your unique data-enrichment on top of the pre-built data streams for even greater analysis.

Understand your data easily

Uncover insights

Measurement is key to establish what works and what doesn’t.


Harness the power of data​

Get detailed insights on campaign performance and spending accountability.

With up to 1,000 steam events per ad you’re guaranteed to instantly uncover insights that are unique to every campaign.

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Flexible data collection

Enhance data collection with your unique data-enrichment on top of the pre-built data streams for detailed analysis.

Easily track what web banner ads, campaigns, audiences, locations, emails or web pages are giving you the best ROI.

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Query data

Create complex queries easily

Query your data to find answers, insights, and metrics through the easy to use data explorer, without writing any code.

Create and save your complex data queries with simple drag and drop tools. 

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Share & export data

  • Share new or saved complex data queries with others.
  • Export your querie data as CSV, JSON or PNG.
  • Embed queries as HTML.
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Interactive map

Geo-location map

Get a birds-eye-view with an interactive map to explore campaign performance from location co-ordinates based on IP address.
Track geo-location events such as :

  • Clicks
  • Purchases
  • Sign-ups
  • Downloads… etc 
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Granular detail

Because our ads are already integrated for analytics, measuring and analysis is incredibly easy!

Clearly identify what’s driving more clicks to pages, product, offers, Signups etc.

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