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Every plan includes all the core features, no hidden costs.

module adbuilder

Ad Builder

Build animated ads in minutes. Powerful easy to use builder with drag & drop tools, Includes templates, previews and full code download.

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module audiences


Display your ads to audiences on web, mobile and games. Get access to programmatic tools with advanced targeting capabilities.

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module analytics

Data & Analytics

View, analyse and explore data on interactive dashboards. Easily explore or query ad data to find valuable answers and insights. 

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Sophisticated digital advertising

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Easily manage and refine audience performance in-house


$ 450 Per Month
  • Ad Builder
  • Audiences (programmatic tools)
  • Data & Analytics Dashboards
  • Data Explorer
  • Interactive Map
  • 5 Animated Ads
  • 1 Custom Template
  • 1 Campaign
  • 1,000 Events
  • 500 Analytics / Data Queries
  • Save Data-Explorer Queries
  • Multi-user Access & Permissions
  • White-label Dashboards


$ 850 Per Month
  • Ad Builder
  • Audiences (programmatic tools)
  • Data & Analytics Dashboards
  • Data Explorer
  • Interactive Map
  • 10 Animated Ads
  • 3 Custom Templates
  • 2 Campaigns
  • 250,000 Events
  • 5,000 Analytics / Data Queries
  • Save Data-Explorer Queries
  • Multi-user Access & Permissions
  • White-label Dashboards


$ 1600 Per Month
  • Ad Builder
  • Audiences (programmatic tools)
  • Data & Analytics Dashboards
  • Data Explorer
  • Interactive Map
  • 20 Animated Ads
  • 8 Custom Templates
  • 10 Campaigns
  • 3,500,000 Events
  • 100,000 Analytics / Data Queries
  • Save Data-Explorer Queries
  • Multi-user Access & Permissions
  • White-label Dashboards
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Frequently Answered Questions

We understand that digital is complex, if you still need help, please contact us.


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Plans & Subscriptions

The subscriptions are monthly with a minimum 3 month sign-up, You can always upgrade your plans regardless of the tenure.

Monthly plans are more flexible because you can downgrade your plan to reflect in the next billing cycle. If you have any questions please contact us.

Payments are automatic using Credit-Card.

Everything included to get you started

All subscriptions include the core features to create ads, deploy , track and measure. You are only required to make extra payments for launching ads to audiences.

Modules Included:

  • Ad Builder
  • Audiences
  • Analytic Dashboards
  • Data Collection
  • Data Explorer

Ad Builder

The AdBuilder allows you create HTML5 ads using pre-animated templates. You may create as many ads as you wish, but you can only deploy ads into a live campaign as allocated in your plan. eg: Starter plan can only deploy 5 Animated Ads. You may create and download as many ads as you wish. This includes all the code required to run on most environments that support javaScript and access to external CDN.

What type/format of ads are used?

The ads currently supported by the AdBuilder are for display 3rd party HTML5.

What are templates?

Since every campaign is unique we provide unique hand-built templates to best suit your strategy or production method. Our templates are individually built following your lead and are not shared with other Ulittle users.

Can I run ads in other Networks?

In most cases our ads will run on almost any environment. In some instances, code may need to be tested and updated to meet specific guidelines and therefore we do not guarantee that all our ads will be supported by all ad networks or publishers. Please reach out if you have any questions. Our ads are created as HTML5 and javaScript and may require access to external javaScript CDN networks. The ads are built following IAB standards / guidelines. View IAB guidelines

Can I deploy more ads than allocated in my plan?

Additional ads allocated to your campaign may only be increased on the Platinum plan. Additional costs may apply. Please contact us for more for information.

Can the ads run on Facebook or Instagram?

No. Our animated ads are built using HTML5 and javaScript and will not be supported by either Facebook or Instagram. Fortunately they can run on millions on websites, mobile apps or games.


You get access to curated safe advertising networks on millions of websites, apps and games globally. Included in every plan is access to programmatic tools so you can specify with great detail how audiences are targeted.

Where are the my audiences?

Audiences are available almost everywhere online. We only use leading ad exchanges with safe inventory to ensure accuracy on targeting and ad spending.


Audiences are managed per single campaign. Once a campaign is active, fine-tuning of audiences may only be possible only after the campaign has reached it’s end. In some instances, we may be able to adjust based on the length and budget allocated to the campaign. Campaigns are individual and can have unique targeting options. This is helpful if you are looking for A/B testing or for marketing comparison, measurement, etc. With multiple campaigns running at the same time you can simultaneously measure and adjust your ad spending to the best performing campaign.

Audience & programmatic targeting options

In brief, the options available for targeting audiences are:

  • Geography
  • Audience targeting and look-alikes
  • Devices
  • Placement
  • Operating system
  • Ad exchanges
  • Publishers
  • User type
  • Time & date
  • *Deals
  • Automatic optimization (Programatic)
  • Manual optimization (Programatic)
  • Frequency capping (Programatic)
*Platinum only.

Geo-location for location marketing

You can specify audiences based on their physical location using GPS co-ordinates. Specify a location and radius size for accuracy.

Target users individually

Users may be targeted using your unique IP lists.

Is there a minimum ad spend?

No, You are only required to purchase ad spend towards your ad campaigns, simple.

Do you charge commission on ad spend?

No, we maintain full transparency on your ad spend. Third party charges from ad-exchanges/publishers (non-ulittle company) are built into your ad-spend. These extra charges are beyond our control and can be provided on request.

Data & Analytics

All Ulittle ads are automatically integrated for data collection and analytics. This means ads can be fully deployed using our platform and measured without any external party or additional software. It’s that easy.

Data collection

Data is automatically collected for you. All the data collected from ad interactions is owned by you. This means you get to keep 1st party data.

What is an Event?

Events are the individual data points collected into a collection for data processing. 

When an ad is clicked an event is triggered (counted towards your monthly plan), this event contains multiple data points used for data analysis. A single event can collect up to 1,000 data points.

Our ads can send 1 event with up to 1,000 data points per single click! An example of one data point may be “postal_code”:”2026″ as in the example below.

					"ip_geo_info": {

Data enrichment

Use enrichments to add specific dimensions to your data collections for analysis. These enrichments can be unique to you and are collected together with the auto-collection.

The example below demonstrates how a single campaign with 2 ads can provide specific information to help you measure ROI in real-time.

With this level of flexibility you can create complex enrichments to add multi-dimensions and to remove any ambiguity.

					.recordEvent('campaign_AB', {
    ad_name: 'sale_20off_A',
    style: 'surfing',
    id: 'u-1000'
    trackInfo: {
      style: 'traditional',
      image_used: 'surfboard',
      hero: 'John',
      audience: 'bondibeach-10km-radius'
					.recordEvent('campaign_AB', {
    ad_name: 'sale_20off_B',
    style: 'accesories',
    id: 'u-1001',
    trackInfo: {
      style: 'modern',
      image_used: 'sunglasses',
      hero: 'Bonni',
      audience: 'sydney-uni-4km-radius'

Data for attribution

Connect your ads with your online applications and uncover what ads and campaigns are attributing to your goals, in real-time.

In the example below, The recorded event ‘purchase’ was triggered, on a website, after a pair of sunglasses was purchased  by a user who previously clicked on the ad ‘sale_20off_B‘.

From the details below we can easily identify the specific item purchased (line 3), purchase amount( line 9), and what ad triggered the purchase (line 17). With this level of accuracy you can easily turn campaign spending up or down accordingly.

					.recordEvent('purchase', {
    item: 'sunglasses',
    id: 'sun-5561',
    brand: 'Lou-Lou',
    style: 'St Tropez',
    user: {
      name: 'Jane Smith',
      discount: 'MONACO',
      amount: '69.99',
      id: 'purch-998877-6654321'
      reference: 'abc-123-456-001'
    trackInfo: {
      campaign: 'sale_20off'
    ad_parameters: {
     ad_name: 'sale_20off_B',
     image_used: 'sunglasses'

Collect extra data from anywhere

Event data that feeds into the ulittle analytics platform can also be collected from your other internet sites. This could include your website, email campaigns, form submissions, online purchases, signups,  apps, backend servers, smart devices, third party systems, etc.

This flexibility allows you to connect campaign ads against unique KPI’s. This level of control is only limited by what you want to track. Contact us to further discuss.


All the data you capture is ready to be viewed using interactive dashboards, these are included in all plans and do not require any configuration or setup.

What data can I measure using the dashboards?

Everything that is captured with the Ulittle platform can be measured and analysed. We’ve made it easy for you to understand and visualise your data through pre-configured dashboards, Interactive map for geo-location, and a Data Explorer for granular measurement.

How accurate is the data?

The data is un-processed for accuracy. Every click or interaction is captured without tricks or ambiguity.

Basic plan – How recent is the data?

To reduce costs, data is cached and refreshed every 4 hours, this speeds up viewing dashboards and reduces your monthly allocated data queries. If you require access to queries with more frequency and no delay then you must be on either the Pro or Platinum plans –  see plan details above.

What are data queries?

Data queries are requests made to process, query or compute your data. Because your data is raw and stored at ‘full-resolution’ each time a query request is made you are getting powerful querying and filtering accuracy.

This accuracy comes with a computing cost and therefore kept at a minimum to save you costs.

Can I measure or create my own data analysis?

Yes, If the data information is not available from the dashboards you can measure or analyse anything in your data using the powerful Data Explorer.

The Data Explorer offers you an easy way to perform flexible analysis on your event collections by running queries.

Queries have adjustable controls and are easy to use with point and click tools anybody can use. This includes the ability to select time frames and intervals, apply filters, and specify how results should be grouped and ordered. Queries can be run once for ad-hoc analysis or saved and easily re-run for reports that will be used frequently.

Can I share my data?

Yes, you can share data directly from to the Data Explorer, you can even run full resolution extractions on precise segments of your data, and output to JSON or CSV format.

Can I build my own dashboards?

Yes, the Data Explorer allows you to create specific queries with various viewing styles.

Simply create a query and HTML code is generated for download or to include into your presentations.

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